Eco-Mama Consulting

Sunday, July 24, 2011 - Posted by {Mum&Roo} at 12:22 PM
Congratulations!  You're expecting! What an exciting journey you're about to begin... and with roughly 40 weeks and a zillion decisions ahead of you, I'd love to walk by your side and help you find what you need to become an eco-mama!

From discussing pregnancy nutrition, birthing choices, the necessary (and not-so-necessary) baby gear, natural body and home choices (now that you have a fragile little one to consider), making referrals and much more, my job is to make sure you have everything you need to welcome baby... naturally.

Bringing a baby into the picture can challenge even those who have been living naturally for years. Whether you're brand new to natural living or a seasoned pro {or somewhere in between}, together we can kick it up a notch and make sure you're bringing this new sweet baby into a healthy and safe environment and giving your little one the best start possible.

Depending on your situation and budget, we can work out a customized plan to meet your needs.  Sessions can include whatever you're looking for but, in general, will cover {with a hands-on, how-to, more-than-just-instruction approach}:

- cloth diapers
- babywearing
- breastfeeding (before and after baby sessions)
- customized birth plan assistance
- birth choices and doula referrals
- infant massage and reflexology
- nutrition: pregnancy
- nutrition: birth to 1
- nutrition: family
- creating a registry and stocking your nusery
- baby gear and clothing
- referrals of local resources, classes, groups and professionals
- car seat options and safety
- natural remedies for mama and baby (before and after birth)

So then... shall we begin?